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Pursoma | Pursoleil Body Oil

Pursoma | Pursoleil Body Oil

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Body oil containing all-natural ingredients, including calendula oil extracted from Marigold flowers grown in the founder's backyard, helps with fatigued and aching muscles. This oil features a special aromatic blend of lavender and blood orange, designed to relax the senses and lift spirits.

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net wt. 4 fl oz / 118 ml
made in the USA.

Soothe sore muscles
Heal & Hydrate the skin
Ground down to nature

How To Use

Disconnect - and put your devices on airplane mode.
Treat - your body to a pursoma bath soak or body polish before oil application.
After - the shower or bath, always leave the skin dewy. Do not completely towel dry.
Pause - and inhale the therapeutic aroma by taking six deep slow breaths cupping body oil in your hands.
Anoint - yourself from head to toe, paying special attention to sore joints or rough spots.
Stretch - reaching your arms high into the air and taking one deep breath as you bring your arms down.

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