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Pursoma | Bespoke Brightening Polish

Pursoma | Bespoke Brightening Polish

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Bring the islands home. Our body polish was designed so you can customize how your scrub will feel based on your skin type — from soft and gentle to a little bit rougher and activated — whichever you choose, it will sweep away dead skin cells and buff the dry spots to deliver the ultimate smooth, moisturized skin. There are some added benefits — it’s natural and food-grade so you can feel good about buffing it into your skin. See you on the smoother side of things!

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1 bag = 2 treatments

DIY fresh mix of exfoliating powder and oil
natural, food-based & no preservatives
exfoliates and removes dead skin
rehydrates skin
rich in amino acids

How To Use

Disconnect - from all devices to enjoy this precious time without distractions.
Blend - the contents of oil sachet into scrub mixture and stir until mixed well.
Scrub - on a dry body, beginning at shoulders and working down toward feet, covering all skin except face.
Activate - hydration phase by re-scrubbing body while adding small amounts of water.
Rinse - completely. Do not use soap afterward. Apply PURSOLEIL body oil if extra hydration is needed.
*Use within one week of mixing oil + powder.

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