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Purbebe | Bathtime Magic Bathtime Soak

Purbebe | Bathtime Magic Bathtime Soak

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Paging Kermit the Frog...Busy little bodies need a way to relax and offset the restlessness due to growing pains and super active days. A warm bath awaits with fizzy green fun - French grey sea salts, a joyful blend of lime and lemon essential oils, and a soft, green color that will delight your littles. Prepare for a good night's rest.

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1 bag = 8 baths
net wt. 32 oz / 907 g

100% natural.
100% made by moms.
100% better sleep.

Make bathtime magical without harsh irritating soaps or synthetic fragrances. Purbebe bath soaks fill the tub with 100% safe and natural color, scent, and smiles. Send your darling off to dreamland, it's the second star to the left and straight on till morning

How To Use

How it Works
Disconnect — from all devices to enjoy this precious time without distractions.
Pour — desired amount of salt blend into warm bath water (recommended: 2 handfuls)
Soak — in the scents of steam-distilled essential oils.
Massage — afterward with Starry Night oil from head to toe.
Bond — with bedtime stories and goodnight kisses.

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