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Plantish | Greens 3-Pack Swedish Sponge Cloths

Plantish | Greens 3-Pack Swedish Sponge Cloths

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Our reusable dish cloth does a great job at cleaning up water and tea spills, dry dishes and pots, as well as wipe countertops and other surfaces. A staple in Swedish kitchens for over 60 years. 

Dimension: 17 cm x 19-19.5 cm or 6.75 inch x 7.5-8 inch

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wood and cotton-based: super absorbent and 100% compostable
quick-drying: no more dishcloth smell
durable: can last up to 6-12 months or 200 wash cycles, depending on use

How To Use

use as a regular dishcloth/kitchen cloth
lay flat or hang dry

Care Tips
avoid bleaching
remove any stains with soap or cold machine wash, and tumble dry on low temperature
avoid using on high-temperature surfaces such as ovens and stoves before cooling down

cut into small pieces before composting

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