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Plantish | 100% Compostable and Biodegradable Pop-Up Sponge

Plantish | 100% Compostable and Biodegradable Pop-Up Sponge

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The Eucalyptus Pop-up Sponge, is a great zero waste swap for your kitchen. Made of 100% vegetable cellulose (wood pulp), these kitchen sponges feel and function like traditional sponges but are completely plant-based, plastic-free and compostable.

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durable: safe to use on non-stick cookware, copper and stainless steel, glassware and much more
non-scratch: natural cellulose sponge creates generous foams and lather, so it is powerful enough to cut through greases and grime. at the same time, our sponge provides gentle agitation that won’t scratch your fine china and glasses
100% compostable and biodegradable: these pop-up sponges are made from 100% biodegradable plant-based cellulose that are safe for your home and our planet
quick-drying: vegetable cellulose fiber is naturally durable and breathable, allowing the sponge to air dry quickly without collecting nasty smells.
multi-purpose: these Pop-up kitchen sponges will meet your daily needs from washing your dishes and utensils to cleaning your kitchen countertops and sinks

How To Use

Soak sponge in water and wait for it to expand
Use as regular normal sponge
When smelly, boil sponge in water for a few minutes and air dry

Care Tips
ideally dry completely between uses
boil in water to kill bacteria
avoid soaking in water
place away from high heat or flames

cut in small pieces, then place in the green bin to compost or directly compost in the backyard
loofah can also be used like coconut fibre in the garden, excellent at water retention, growing seedlings, creating a potting mix, pest resistance, and use as bedding in worm bins

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