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Curated For | The Mama

Curated For | The Mama

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Our Curated For | The Mama bundle is designed to support new moms, providing essential items that make life easier. From tea to support milk production, a handmade tumbler that makes you chuckle, to an organic nipple balm and a relaxing foot soak this bundle has everything a new mom needs to support relaxation and postpartum recovery.



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Bundle Contents:

1. Pursoma Bain de Pied Recovery Foot Soak
Treat your feet. They hold you up all day. They fit into all types of crazy shoes. They’re the things that literally ground us. They’re the foundation to your body. And they’re often the thing that’s most forgotten — but they deserve to be taken care of too. Bain De Pied foot soak is the perfect way to recharge, recuperate, and restore after a long, hectic day. No tub needed.

2. Bush Berry's (Previously New Moon) Mama's Milk Tea
Embrace the beauty of motherhood with this nutrient-rich tea for new mamas.

Red Raspberry Leaf and Blessed Thistle play large roles in this rejuvenating tea to help support your body as a new mother, so you can focus on your new little blessing. Drinking a daily infusion of this beneficial blend, which includes traditionally respected iron-boosting nettle leaf, dandelion and blessed thistle, can help keep both mother and baby joined together in strength and good health.

3. Hand-Made Boobie Tumbler by Amy Leigh Ceramics in Toronto, Ontario.

4. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Balm
Nip, nip hooray! You’ve just met your nipple superhero. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter™ is a non-sticky, lanolin-free nipple cream that was the first to be Non-GMO Project Verified. That means there’s no need to wash it off before nursing, since it’s going to end up in your baby’s mouth. This blend of organic herbs and oils traditionally used to soothe and moisturize dry skin is just the thing for sore, cracked nipples.

Dr. Justine's Notes: This bundle holds a special place in my heart. As a pharmacist deeply engaged in supporting women through their infertility journeys, I intimately understand the challenges—having navigated my own path through infertility with PCOS. Crafted with empathy, this bundle is my heartfelt creation, inviting women to embrace this transformative chapter and remember that the most beautiful things often demand patience and unwavering persistence. While the journey to pregnancy can be taxing, this Mama Bundle offers essential relief for moms-to-be, serving as a reminder that self-care is a vital compass guiding us through every phase of life.

How To Use

An exquisite bundle tailor-made for the mama-to-be as she eagerly awaits her little one's arrival.

Begin the journey with our foot soak—an oasis of relief for swollen feet or a tranquil retreat for well-deserved relaxation during pregnancy. Indulge in Bush Berry's locally crafted Mama's Milk Tea, blending potent herbs renowned for naturally boosting milk supply. Paired with the delightful Boobie Tumbler, it's tea time made extra special, sharing cozy moments with your little one.

And for those tender moments, there's Earth Mama's Nipple Balm—a lanolin-free, non-sticky cream, proudly earning the Non-GMO Project Verification. Designed with your baby in mind, this gentle concoction of organic herbs and oils offers soothing relief for sore, cracked nipples, ensuring your comfort through this beautiful journey of motherhood.

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