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Curated For | The Athlete

Curated For | The Athlete

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Stay fit and motivated with Curated For | The Athlete. This bundle offers all the essentials for your pre- and post-workout needs, so you can stay on top of your fitness goals. Perfect for athletes, this bundle has all the tools and supplies you need to stay active and healthy. 



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Bundle Contents:

1. Pursoma Sweat & Rest Sea Salt Soak
Slow Down. Soak. Sweat. Repeat. Sweat & Rest is in the business of “slowing down”. Of turning chaos into harmony. Of turning rock bottoms into awakenings. Of turning “ouches” into “ahhs”. Of turning phones off and clearing minds. With stress-relieving and hydrating magnesium, “ooommm”-inducing essential oils and sea salt (which we believe is the superfood of the earth) — it’s like yoga for your insides.

Each bag includes one intention-setting stone

2. WithinUs Rehydrate Premium Electrolyte Powder + Collagen Sticks (20 Sticks - 10x LEMON; 10x TOPICAL)
Hydration ReInvented: Sweat. ReHydrate. Repeat.

withinUs ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen is an electrolyte blend formulated with premium ingredients. This refreshing mix is packed with essential electrolytes for optimized hydration and TruMarine® Collagen to accelerate post-workout recovery and aid lean muscle gain.

Add 1-2 stick packs of this perfectly blended electrolyte mix to water and enjoy during, or after exercise.

3. K'Pure Happy Ending Muscle Salve
Happy Ending is more than just a cheeky name, it's your post-workout, sore-muscle best friend.

Before the healing salve is blended, it is infused with vitamin-rich sweet almond oil with a blend of organic peppermint (an anti-inflammatory that will ease muscle pain with a cooling sensation), Comfrey (helps to naturally repair muscle tears and strains, reduce inflammation and soothes pain), Arnica (an anti-inflammatory that works on sore muscles, sprains, arthritis and bruises), Cayenne Pepper (anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and relieves all sorts of pain including muscle spasms and arthritis) and Turmeric (great for arthritis and joint inflammation).

Use on muscle and joint pain, arthritis, after workouts and runs, or on strains and bruises. You'll want to avoid applying Happy Ending to broken skin.

Do not use on face, and make sure to wash hands after use (you don't want cayenne pepper or peppermint in your eyes!) Not meant for small children.

How To Use

Experience the ultimate post-workout recovery with this curated bundle, offering relaxation, hydration, and targeted relief for your muscles.

Throughout your workout, revitalize and replenish your body with WithinUs ReHydrate + TruMarine® Collagen sticks. Packed with essential electrolytes for optimal hydration and TruMarine® Collagen for post-workout recovery and lean muscle support, simply add 1-2 stick packs to water during or after exercise.

The post-workout recovery begins with a Pursoma Sweat & Rest Sea Salt Soak. Crafted to slow down the chaos, this blend of stress-relieving magnesium, soothing essential oils, and sea salt transforms your bath into a sanctuary. Each bag includes an intention-setting stone to enhance your experience.

Sore the next day? Treat your muscles with the K'Pure Happy Ending Muscle Salve, a powerful blend designed for post-workout relief. Infused with vitamin-rich sweet almond oil and a mix of organic ingredients like peppermint, comfrey, arnica, cayenne pepper, and turmeric, this salve provides soothing relief for muscle pain, strains, and bruises. Apply directly to affected areas while avoiding broken skin. Wash hands thoroughly after use, and refrain from using on the face or on small children.

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