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Curated For | The Alchemist

Curated For | The Alchemist

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An alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better. Our alchemist bundle features a handcrafted smudge stick bowl exclusively available at the Farmacy and a love intention smudge stick to purify or cleanse your space of negative thoughts.



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Bundle Contents:

1. Mimoko Handcrafted Clay Smudge Stick Bowl
Made in Vancouver, BC and exclusive to The Farmacy

2. Love Intension Smudge Stick
This smudge stick radiates vibes of unconditional love. Once your sage has burned, your space will manifest feelings of love.

White Sage is often used for purification rituals and for cleansing your space and self of negativity. These typical energies turn into love amplifiers when matched with the powers of pink sinuata flowers.

How To Use

Preparation: Place the Mimoko Handcrafted Clay Smudge Stick Bowl on a heat-resistant surface, ready for your smudging ritual.

Smudging Process: Light the Love Intension Smudge Stick and allow it to flame for a moment. Gently blow out the flame to produce smoke, ensuring the embers are glowing.

Cleansing Ritual: Waft the smudge stick around your space, moving clockwise from corner to corner, allowing the fragrant smoke to cleanse and purify the atmosphere. Focus on areas where negative energy may linger.

Manifesting Love: Embrace the transformative power of white sage combined with the enchanting pink sinuata flowers. Visualize feelings of love, positivity, and unconditional affection infusing your environment.

Completion: Once your smudging ritual is complete, gently press the smudge stick in the Mimoko Handcrafted Clay Smudge Stick Bowl to extinguish the embers or rest the smudge stick in the bowl and allow the stick to continue burning.

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