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Curated For | Healthy Hair

Curated For | Healthy Hair

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This wellness bundle contains the perfect ingredients for healthy hair. It includes Agent Nateur’s top-selling collagen and pearl powder supplement for boosting hair strength, a scientifically-backed hair growth serum, and your choice of a stylish scrunchie. Enjoy the benefits of healthier, stronger hair with this perfectly curated bundle.



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-Revitalized Hair: The combination of collagen and pearl powder supplement provides essential nutrients that support hair health from within. These ingredients promote hair strength, thickness, and shine, helping to rejuvenate and revitalize your locks for a healthier and more radiant appearance.

-Deep Nourishment: Holi (locks) treatment oil is designed to deeply nourish and repair your hair.

-Hair-Friendly Accessories: The bundle includes a high-quality scrunchie that is gentle on your hair. Unlike traditional hair ties, this scrunchie won't snag or damage your hair.

1. Agent Nateur Holi(Mane) Collagen & Pearl Powder Supplement
2. Agent Nateur Holi(Locks) strengthening, detangling, anti-hair fall serum
3. Supercrush scrunchie (Made in Vancouver, BC)

A well-rounded natural brush for styling and detangling wet or dry hair of any length.

This brush works through those tangles while gently massaging the scalp and promoting blood circulation. Whether you’re traveling or at home, its unique round brush head is perfect for all situations.

When your styling needs preciseness or you need to remove hair build-up, the comb and brush cleaner have you covered.

All set in a travel-friendly bag that makes it easy to find and carry all your hair care needs, without stray hairs getting everywhere.

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Dr. Justine's Notes:
I make sure not to skip a single day of incorporating Holi(Mane) into my routine, and I've been amazed by the noticeable improvements in my hair and nails. Given my PCOS, introducing collagen as a protein boost during my afternoon tea has truly elevated it to superfood status.

I also cherish the tradition of having my mom apply the treatment oil to my hair. It's a special bonding experience for us, and it reminds me of the rich cultural heritage we share. In many East Indian cultures, hair oiling is not just about beauty but also a symbol of care and affection. It's a time-honored practice that nourishes not only the hair but also the soul, connecting us to our roots and traditions.

This bundle has also proven to be a perfect post-partum gift, especially in addressing post-partum hair loss. The addition of a locally made scrunchie, adds a thoughtful touch to this package. Additionally, the wooden brush set available as an add-on option, offers unique advantages. The wooden bristles are gentle on the scalp and help distribute natural hair oils evenly, reducing scalp irritation and promoting healthier, shinier hair. It's an all-around self-care treat for new mothers navigating the challenges of post-partum changes.

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