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Curated For | An Underarm Detox (Sensitive Skin)

Curated For | An Underarm Detox (Sensitive Skin)

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Our sensitive underarm detox bundle offers an all-natural, baking soda-free deodorant and a mini jar of "get closer" deodorant with baking soda for when you need additional support. This bundle also includes a gentle mud mask with an easy applicator brush to draw out impurities and a mini lavender scent multi-purpose cleaner to keep your tools clean.



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Bundle Contents:

1. Agent Nateur Holi(stick) Sensitive Deodorant
All natural, aluminum-free and baking-soda free this soft yet rich balm, handmade with nourishing oils and butters, gently melts upon contact with the skin, leaving a hydrating surface layer that soothes dryness, alleviates irritation and nurtures skin damaged or irritated from shaving, waxing or sweating.

With sensual, natural notes of Sandalwood Mysore, Coconut and Jasmine, this unique, sensitive formulation remains perfect for even the most sensitive skin types and delivers a gorgeous, balanced fragrance with notes of flora and spice that help you to keep fresh, dry and odor-free all day naturally.

2. K'Pure Goal Digger Deep Cleansing Clay Masque
Goal Digger repair masque is suitable for all skin types and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It reduces redness and inflammation, leaving skin with a natural glow. This detoxing masque works to detox skin on face and armpits and is a great treatment for acne and rosacea. With a blend of clay, nourishing oils of oat, broccoli and sea buckthorn, and a hint of rose, Goal Digger is best applied to freshly cleansed skin with the included applicator brush in a light layer.

Leave on skin until masque dries (10-15 minutes) and gently remove with warm water or wet washcloth. Rinse with tepid water.

3. K'Pure Masque Applicator Brush
Applying your k’pure masque just got less messy! This compact sleek brush applies mud and clay masques evenly and keeps fingers out of the jar.

Apply masque in an even layer with a dry (never wet) brush and rinse brush under warm water until water runs clear. Store brush with bristles pointing downward to dry. Every couple of uses, clean brush with the included multipurpose cleaner, brushing against a clean cloth or piece of paper towel to remove access cleaner and then let dry.

4. AuraTae 2oz Multipurpose Cleaner in Lavender Fairytale Scent
Ensure proper hygiene of your masque applicator brush by regularly using this cleaner, especially when applying masques to multiple areas of your body, including the face and armpits.

How To Use

Congratulations on embracing your body's innate superpower – detoxification! As you switch to natural deodorant, you're bidding farewell to toxins that have infiltrated your pores, lymph nodes, and even breast milk. Expect a detox process – unique symptoms like rash, odor, or extra sweat are normal.

To speed up detox, say goodbye to old antiperspirants, just like ending bad habits. Our secret: treating your underarms with a mud masque! Apply 1-3 times weekly for balanced pH and toxin elimination. Apply natural deodorant twice daily; its need will decrease as detox progresses.

Experienced rash? Detox may trigger it. Try alternating with a baking soda-free deodorant or for irritation post-detox, switch to baking soda-free option.

Embrace this exciting toxin-free journey. You're not just switching products; you're making a lifestyle choice. Stand tall – you're mastering the natural life like a pro!

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