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Curated For | A Tiny Human

Curated For | A Tiny Human

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Introducing Curated for | A Tiny Human; a bundle specially designed to offer holistic wellness to your special little one. The bundle includes a baby oil, diaper balm, 100% compostable star-shaped Konjac body sponge, and coconut and oat bath powder with a scoop for easy use. Safeguard your little one's skin with this natural and organic selection.



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Celebrate the arrival of a precious little one with the perfect holistic gift. Our thoughtfully curated bundle is designed exclusively for a tiny human, offering a harmonious blend of gentle organic skincare products, soothing essential oils, and calming herbal remedies. With a focus on natural and mindful ingredients, this gift embodies the essence of holistic care, providing a nurturing and serene environment for the baby's well-being. Give the gift of love, health, and tranquility with our holistic baby shower bundle, a treasure trove of holistic goodness to pamper and nourish the newest addition to the family.

How To Use

1. Little Charlie Bath Soak is intended to replace soap. Whether it’s a bathtub, the kitchen sink, or wherever you bathe your little charlie, just add 2-3 tablespoons into the lukewarm water. You can wash your Little Charlie’s hair by using the included star konjac sponge and soaking it in the water until soft then applying directly to the head and face.

We recommend bathing 3-4 times per week and not rinsing afterward. Little Charlie has natural antibacterial properties that ensure your Little Charlie is getting squeaky clean. Let all that goodness soak directly into the skin!

2. Bathorium Little Charlie Konjac Sponge
This naturally antibacterial sponge deeply cleanses skin without the buildup of bacteria typical of traditional loofas or sponges.

3. Purbebe Starry Night All-Natural Bedtime Massage Oil
Once upon a time, there was the softest baby in all the land. Keep your little one’s skin soft, soothed, and safe with this lightweight and easily absorbed all-natural massage oil. Delicately scented with calendula and tangerine oil, it helps protect delicate skin and promote sleep.

4. Earth Mama Diaper Balm
Organic Diaper Balm doubles as a multi-tasking skin salve. From bottoms to boo boos, this has you covered. Formulated with effective organic ingredients, safe for babies, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and all the people they live with.

5. K'Pure Dream Catcher Spray
Dream Catcher is Settle Down spray in a special label just for kids. This blend of pure and organic essential oils is a huge hit with babies, kids and adults alike, and kids love to spray Dream Catcher on their pillows as part of their nightly bedtime routine.

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