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Curated For | A Healthy Home (Kitchen Edition)

Curated For | A Healthy Home (Kitchen Edition)

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The sheer magnitude of home products laced with chemicals is daunting. Research suggests a correlation between rising toxin exposure and autoimmune issues. Hence, this Healthy Home Bundle was created to help detoxify your life starting with the everyday products you use. This Kitchen Bundle features a plant-based dish soap with 100% organic essential oils, dual-action on grease and gentle on hands, mineral-based citrus dish capsules, plant-based citrus rinse aid. It also includes an ecologically friendly Sisal Dish Brush, a Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber, a coconut fiber bottle brush, a eucalyptus Swedish sponge cloth and a pop-up sponge, all compostable for zero waste.



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Bundle Contents:
1. So Luxury Citrus Dishwasher Capsules
2. So Luxury Citrus Rinse Aid
3. Bare Home Bergamot & Lime Dish Soap in Glass Bottle
4. Compostable Eucalyptus Swedish Sponge Cloth
5. Compostable Eucalyptus Pop-Up Sponge
6. Plantish Sisal Dish Brush
6. Plantish Sisal & Palm Pot Scrubber
7. Plantish Coconut Bottle Brush

How To Use

This thoughtfully curated bundle is your ultimate solution for giving your kitchen products a much-needed non-toxic refresh. Packed with all the essential items you need, it provides a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your kitchen experience with a focus on safety and well-being. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to a healthier, greener kitchen environment. Let this bundle be your guiding light on the journey towards a non-toxic and sustainable lifestyle, where every ingredient and product has been carefully selected to align with your values and priorities. Embrace the power of this transformative bundle and witness the positive impact it brings to your kitchen, your health, and the planet.

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