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Plantish | Bamboo Soap Dish

Plantish | Bamboo Soap Dish

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Our zero waste 100% natural bamboo soap dish conveniently holds all your essential eco friendly bar products and sponges. 


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sustainable materials: bamboo is not only sustainable but one of the fastest growing plants. It uses little water to grow, self-replenishs, requires no pesticides, fertilizer, or irrigation and is more economical than other woods
durable: bamboo is less likely to crack compared to other wood materials

How To Use

use as a regular organizer
avoid soaking in water for too long

Care Tips
rinse off soap buildup with water after heavy use and wipe to dry
dry outdoors once to twice every week and alternate with a different soap dish
use a water-vinegar solution to clean the mold
place away from high heat or flames

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