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K’pure | Overachiever Balm

K’pure | Overachiever Balm

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The organic body balm that does it all.

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Works on patches of eczema, dry elbows, cuticles and feet. Unscented, making it the perfect baby bum balm and nipple cream. Can also be used for tattoo healing.

***Your balm may become grainy over time, especially if the balm melts. To return the balm to it's creamy consistency: Remove lid from tin and place in oven at 200 degrees F, for 15 minutes. Remove carefully and place directly in fridge to firm up. Once firm, your balm will be as good as new!***

How To Use

Apply this versatile balm on patches of eczema, dry elbows, cuticles, and feet, providing relief and nourishment. Its unscented formula makes it ideal as a baby bum balm and nipple cream, while also serving as an effective aid in tattoo healing.

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