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Forget Beauty | Illuminated Vitamin C Powder

Forget Beauty | Illuminated Vitamin C Powder

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Shelf stable, pure, and of the highest quality, the Forget Beauty Illuminated Vitamin C powder acts as a protective and potent antioxidant that brightens the skin and improves the texture. Our Vitamin C Powder works alongside Vitamin A (Empowered Collagen Revival Serum) to synthesize collagen, and can also help lighten and prevent hyper pigmentation.

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Great for normal, dry, dehydrated, aging, mature, and/or sun damaged skin.


When formulating our Illuminated Vitamin C Powder it was important to not compromise on quality, therefore finding a way to stabilize l-ascorbic acid was top priority. We’ve done this in two ways: through our light-protected packaging and in it’s purest, safest, and most stable form — powder.


We recommend mixing the illuminated Vitamin C powder into your Awakened Hydrating Serum for enhanced results. The Ferulic acid in the Awakened Serum renders the Illuminated more powerful than when used alone plus the phloretin and ferulic acid in Awakened work with Illuminated to lighten discolouration and support a more even skin tone.


Protective and potent antioxidant

Brightens the skin

Improves skin texture

Promotes collagen

Helps to lighten and prevent hyper pigmentation

How To Use

Add one scoop to 1-2 pumps of Awakened Hydrating Serum in palm of the hand. Lightly blend and apply to skin. Recommended for morning use only. Topical use only. Illuminated is the strongest form of Vitamin C so we do not recommend this for very sensitive skin types.

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