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Agent Nateur | The Holi(trinity) - Travel Size

Agent Nateur | The Holi(trinity) - Travel Size

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Not only is this travel-sized skincare set perfect for keeping your skin nourished while traveling, it's also a great way to try out some of Agent Nateur's best selling products. This set includes Agent's top-selling holi(oil) youth serum, holi(c) refining face vitamins, and holi(water) pearl and rose hydrating toner, all in convenient travel sizes. Experience the transformative power of science-backed, natural, non-toxic skincare products with results-driven ingredients, and discover why they've become so popular among our customers. Don't let travel disrupt your skincare routine - grab this travel-sized skincare set and keep your skin looking its best wherever your adventures take you. 

*Agent Nateur products are Ecocert organic certified and compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

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Behold the holi (trinity), a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin. Our coveted holi (water) is rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate and smooth fine lines while holi (c)—our potent blend of calcium and vitamin C—reduces the appearance of acne scars and boosts skin’s elasticity. Our holi (oil) heals dryness, softens skin’s texture, and illuminates the complexion.

Reduces the appearance of:
-redness due to dehydration
-clogged pores
-fine lines and wrinkles
-scarring and age spots
-loss of elasticity
-dull, uneven skin tone
-inconsistent texture

How To Use

After double cleansing, add 3 to 5 pumps of holi (water) to the palm of your hand and gently pat into skin. Then, mix a dash of holi (c) with 3 spritzes of holi (water) and apply to the complexion. To finish, massage 4-5 drops of holi (oil) into the face, neck, and décolleté. May also add to your favorite sunscreen or foundation for a dewy glow.

*Suitable for all skin types

30 ml h o l i ( w a t e r )
10 ml h o l i ( o i l )
3 ml h o l i ( c )

Founder’s Notes: I don’t go a day without using the trinity. After I cleanse my face, I use this three-step process every single morning

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